Ring Peephole

I installed the device but during setup the device never spins white - only blue. Totally frustrated. I got it to connect to my wifi but no images. Uninstalled and now back to only spinning blue. My WiFi strength is strong no problem there. Should I just return it and get another one?

Hey there, @Susanus1957. The blue LED indicator on your Ring device means it is either booting up, the button was pushed, speaker is enabled, or it is connecting to your network, depending on pattern.

When this happens during setup, it is likely attempting to connect to network or boot up. As you mentioned never seeing a white LED pattern, the best next step will be to charge the device battery for a few hours, and ensure a secure ribbon cable connection upon powering up. If this concern persists, please try resetting your Peephole Camera, by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Feel free to update us on the results. :slight_smile: