Ring Peephole smartthings integration

I installed my Ring peephole and try to add this into smartthings but it shows that i do not have this device when i try to add and connect to smarttings . Pls confirm is this supported?

Hey there, @Tinhwee. At this time, Samsung SmartThings is not a supported partner with us on all products you can see their full list of supported Ring products here, which may be why the device is not showing up under your SmartThings app. I have passed on the integration suggestion to the appropriate team, but in the meantime, you can try reaching out to Samsung SmartThings Support to see if they have any suggestions for you on this.


I was able to get my Ring Peephole Camera into my Smartthings by following the steps at this link: GitHub - jsetton/smartthings-ring: Get motion/doorbell events and control lights/siren on Ring devices via SmartThings.

Add as a Device Handler
Add as My SmartApps
Then go to your Smartthings app and add Smart Apps
This will have you sign into your Ring Account and then you select the items you want to add to your Smartthings.

Finally got this to go! So excited and wanted to share.

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