Ring Outdoor Siren idea

Just a thought really but it could really help. My Yale alarm siren runs off of 4 D batteries, that’s it. No additional battery packs and no mains power. The system is armed and disarmed and the siren beeps when this occurs and I also use the deterrent feature where the LED lights flashing every few seconds to help show the system is live it’s been in over a year and still hasn’t needed new batteries. Ring alarm is slowly becoming more appealing now there is an outside siren and just need a key fob now. (Already have 2 doorbells and 5 spotlight cams)

My suggestion is, how about ring add the option for the leds that illuminate the ring logo to flash on and off every 30 seconds say instead of just being on constantly dusk till dawn. This would allow the battery pack to last longer than the prescribed 3 weeks and still use the illumination feature and should negate the need for solar panel or mains cables.