Ring Outdoor Siren Charging

Hello, I just received my Ring Outdoor Siren and was wondering if a wired Plug-In adapter will charge a quick release battery pack? The instruction only mention charging is accomplished when paired with a Solar Panel. Thanks.

Bruce: according to Ring online assistant, hard wiring the siren will charge the battery. Why they can’t make the instructions clear is beyond me. BTW in case you weren’t aware (and given the instructions that’s easy to miss) if you fit the battery pack the dusk to dawn feature will work, but that still leaves you to recharge the battery when it indicates low power. I have no idea how long the battery will last using that feature. Personally i am hard wiring mine and trust that Ring haven’t given me BS.
Hope this helps.

Hi neighbors. We have this Help Center article here that has some great information on the power options available for the Outdoor Siren. I hope this information is helpful.

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hi hello i have just purchased the ring outdoor siren from amazon with the second gen power adaptor my question is - if i place in the chargeable battery pack ( fully charged) and hard wire in the unit am i correct in assuming that the siren runs off the main power source ( hard wire) in the case of mains loss the battery pack will take over ??? for however long loss of power remains, does the hard wire in trickle charge the battery pack??? and remove the three duracell d batteries so in effect you would never need to remove the siren at all to charge the battery pack separately ??? i cannot imagine it trickle charging the duracell batteries as they would most probably blow!!! so do i just put in the ring battery pack hard wire in, then install and forget it as it will look after itself??? many thanks for any clarification

Hi @kevin-plymouth. As explained in the Help Center article provided above, “You must add the Quick Release Battery Pack to use the Solar Panel, or optionally can be added when hardwired to cover all eventualities. Both options will keep the Battery Pack charged. When you add an additional power source, Outdoor Siren will use this for power, and keep the D Batteries as a backup power source.”. I hope this information helps.