Ring Notifications

We have several devices from Cameras to Doorbell. We have an issue that whenever anyone activities the Doorbell our son who shares our Amazon Prime account automatically gets notifications which we don’t want them to have…How do we stop this ?

Hi @Highlander58. Is your son added as a Shared User on any of the Ring devices? If so, this is likely why he’s receiving notifications. You can either remove him as a Shared user, or he can disable the notifications in the Ring App by toggling the Motion and Ring Alerts off.

We have Amazon Prime of which or Son is part of that, he has nothing to do with our Ring and does not have the Ring app.

He gets notification via an Alexa device when anyone rings our doorbell…the only thing we share is Amazon Prime

@Highlander58 In this case, you may want to look into Alexa’s support center here to see what may be going on as he should not be receiving any Alexa notifications for a device he doesn’t own or is not added as a Shared User to. Their support team should be able to assist with getting this cleared up.

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