Ring notifications from another Ring?

I cannot figure out how to solve this problem. I had a ring doorbell that I gave to a friend. It was set up through my Alexa. It was a battery one. It worked perfectly with no problems. The friend has yet to set the doorbell up. It is dead in her garage.

I got a new ring that we hardwired. I removed the old ring from my Alexa, ring account, and everywhere else. I added my new ring to the Alexa.

Now for the problem. My Alexa constantly says motion is detected at the door when there is no motion. My phone won’t go off with these phantom notifications that are on the Alexa. The Alexa will say someone is at the door and will make the doorbell sound (on the Alexa, it doesn’t hit my chime when it’s a phantom ring) when no one is at the door. My phone also does not go off with these phantom notifications. When there is actually motion and a ring, my phone will go off. But there is constant phantom motion and ringing.

I have rebooted my Alexa. I have removed the doorbell and re-added it. I have deleted my ring and Alexa apps and reinstalled them. What do I do to stop these phantom rings and motions? It’s almost like it’s alerting me of someone else’s ring. 10 minutes ago I am sitting on the couch when it ding dongs and says someone is at the door. I am looking directly at my door and no one has rung the bell as no one is there. It’s getting old as it’s been going on for almost a year at this point.

Hi @user72373. If you have made sure that your old Ring device was removed from the Ring app and Alexa app but are still getting notifications from it on your Echo devices, I recommend reaching out to Alexa support to look into this further with you.