Ring not working on lte 4g

The app works great on WiFi and 3g but not on 4g lte.
Any suggestions please. (I’ve uninstalled it, reset my phone, removed sim)

I would be grateful if you could recommend a fix.

Keep safe
Mike Sandbach UK ??

Hi @Miketg! Does the efficiency of 4g connection change by location? If so this may be a sign of a poor signal zone, or area that is hard to reach by cellular towers. I recommend checking also that VPN is disabled, and there are no apps installed on your mobile device that might conflict with the Ring app.

There are also network, or APN settings, on your mobile device that can be reset or refreshed. If the above does not improve connection on 4g but your other connection types are working as intended, the next best step might be to reach out to your cellular provider to inquire further about data connection or plan details. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: