Ring neighborhood posts

So I’m a bit angry (to say the least)… I had a van in our rural neighborhood with lots of children who parked in 3 separate areas per hour about 50 feet away each time. Were they casing the area, homeless or what? I edited the screenshots so there wasn’t anything but the van and did not post anything offensive or not permitted. They denied it 3 times and I called support which was worthless. I have a legit concern that I am trying to post in the neighborhoods app but I cannot…who is or what AI is condemning these posts? Am I the only one who thinks that the reviews of posts on the ring app need to be revised? What if this is a child predator or something? I can’t post simple stuff which makes the app useless… however, people can post paranormal activity and win a prize?!? Screenshot of post added. Come on Ring!

Hi @user76078. This is the Ring Community where we offer troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. We do not moderate or help with posts in Neighbors when they are denied. If your post is denied, you can respond to the email you get when it is denied for more information. We also have this Help Center article that goes over what is not allowed to be posted in Neighbors.