Ring Neighborhood App Removing Posts, Accusing ME of violations?

My family had their morning upended by a prowler on the porch. It was one of a series of recent incidents, coming only a week after someone made threatening comments about our cameras.

I posted a concise observe and report description of the prowling incident today, along with crystal clear footage. I also described the other event above, because it could very well be related, or it might not be, but it illustrates a bigger picture. I didn’t “profile”, I didn’t use “heated” language, I didn’t spin anything in any way that wasn’t adding to the incidents.

Yet I got the usual denials, with the run around blanket excuses. I guarantee if someone posted ME doing the same thing, acting the same way on someone else’s porch, it would’ve stayed.
Posting this to my other Ring neighbors would’ve been an important safety measure for us to come together on. Simple observe and report behavior.

I’ve seen another porch prowler post from last week where they named the guy’s first and last name. How is THAT not against the rules? Changes to category rules doesn’t cover it. Someone’s post of a car driving by their house and claiming they sat there (off camera) was posted. How vague is that?

“Unexpected/Uknown person snooping around my porch” and then the thing about someone, possibly the same guy (off camera) 6 days before shouting up at the house “oooo! Good luck with your cameras! hahaha”. So now an App moderator is judge and jury about what is a threat or concern to my family and neighbors? We are supposed to observe and report. You’re the ones profiling.

My post contained nothing that fell under this umbrella:

  • Thank you for submitting your post

Your post was reviewed by a member of our team and it was not approved because certain details in your post were identified as inappropriate or unnecessary. This can include, but is not limited to:

• Personal attacks, insults, or other offensive language
• Encouraging violence or normalizing potentially
dangerous behavior
• Personal opinions including political views
• Content that may be too graphic for your community

Posts removed for these reasons can be resubmitted without the offending media or descriptions. When writing a post, please stick to the necessary facts, avoid distracting language, and don’t make assumptions.

Neighbors is a free service for all residents to stay informed and share local safety updates. We reserve the right to remove any content that we determine violates our [Community Guidelines]

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Hi @user345. The Ring Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum, and we don’t control the moderation of the Ring Neighbors App. In cases where one of your posts are removed and you believe that it fit within the guidelines, please reply to the email you received for more information. Replying to the email will get you in touch with the appropriate team that can give you more information and help you with your post to ensure it fits within the Neighbors App guidelines. :slight_smile:

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@user345 Hi there, I know it’s been awhile, but I wanted to add some support - I am dealing with the same issues. I emailed the following to Ring only to get what looked like a generic Bot response, again.

This is the second time that you have removed one of my posts where I am trying to warn my neighbors about suspicious activity that resembles thieves looking for catalytic converters to steal. Catalytic converter thefts are the new equivalent of copper wire (theft) in Merced County and surrounding counties.

It was important enough for two City of Merced police officers to show up, but not enough for Ring to post it? Local police authorities and Neighbors know this is a problem, yet Ring keeps editing my posts out while other posts that are clearly less fitting of Ring’s standards are being permitted.

Examples [Note: I sent numerous links to Ring, but was not permitted to post more than two links to this entire post.]

  • Just saw this on Neighbors: [POSTING ABOUT PEOPLE HIDING IS AGAINST RING’S RULES, BUT THIS POSTED] Suspicious person: “This person was hiding behind cars and acting funny when i tried to find him as i went to work. He hid and was in peoples driveways. Be careful” Ring Neighbors
  • Just saw this on Neighbors: [NO VIDEO EVEN - JUST WORDS] Suspicious male: “Suspicious male just rang the doorbell around 12:30am. Dark blue/black jacket with a backpack. After not answering, he proceeded to walk to different houses, ringing other doorbells. Headed down Nst toward Alicia Reyes from Gerard ave. Called police to do a search around the area. Claims he’s looking for a Melanie that is supposed to give him his ID” Ring Neighbors

Ring is effectively making it impossible to help me and my neighborhood protect ourselves. How did these posts meet Ring’s criteria where mine did not? The ‘rules’ are arbitrary and harmful. It feels purposeful now - as if Ring is selecting my posts and editing them out regardless of content. Obviously this is bewildering to me. I am certain that my Neighbors would like to know that the very equipment and app that we pay to protect us and our property is actually working against us.

I am not opposed to taking a bigger stand if I am not able to find a remedy here. Certainly contacts at the local newspaper would find this amusing to say the least.

Recent Examples of Catalytic Converter Thefts in Merced and Surrounding Counties: [Note: Again, I had to remove the links that I sent to Ring, as Ring will not let me post more than two links here.]

  • Mar 23, 2022 Merced man arrested after police locate stolen catalytic converters in Orcutt
  • MARCH 08, 2022 Catalytic converter thefts have exploded in Fresno, Valley. Assemblyman has plan to help
  • March 04, 2022 Man caught stealing catalytic converters in Merced parking lot, police say
  • Dec 17, 2021 Catalytic Converter Thieves’ Caught and Arrested in Merced, California
  • November 12 2021 California Farm Bureau Reports Farmers Hit by Catalytic Converter Thefts - Merced County Sheriff Vernon Warnke Says Perpetrators Are Identified and Arrested, But District Attorneys Too Often Fail to Prosecute
  • October 26th 2021 $200,000 worth of stolen property recovered from recycling center in Merced

Specifically in regards to the high theft rate of catalytic converters - Merced County Sheriff’s Department states, “When possible, park in well-lit area and close to building entrances”.

The Ring video I attempted to post is a perfect example of me trying to protect my car on my property and how it still did not deter someone from ‘shopping’ for my 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime hybrid’s catalytic converter.

In the end, Ring replied once more - with a generic response:

Hi Neighbor,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We’ve reviewed your post, and we feel that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. Your post did not contain any of the specific approvable actions defined in the Community Guidelines. Please visit What type of content is allowed ​to learn more.

We understand that each incident is different and local context matters, however we have one set of Community Guidelines that all users must follow. You can find more information about how and why these content policies were formed here.

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I know these posts are older, but I am having the same problem. I have a man on camera who camps out on my front porch spreading his food and drug stash all over, smokes pots, picnics and stares into my window at me. He moves to the bushes to keep staring at me. He circles my house. I have him on 3 cameras. He has been doing this for 1 month. I have posted videos as I am scared and would love to know if this is happening to my neighbors. Ring has removed every post I have written and keeps sending me their generic reply even though “Peeking while Loitering” is a crime in Los Angeles.

I have written nothing inflammatory. I don’t understand the point of the neighborhoods app if we can’t share actual worrisome events.

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yes, i have and they are being helpful. I still question the usefulness of a neighborhood nap where neighbors can’t share information. I posted 4 videos of him.

Hi @user16681. The best way for you to get more information on why your post on the Neighbors app was removed is to reply to the email notice you received regarding your post. The Neighbors app is handled by a separate team, so we don’t have any information on your post or exactly why it was removed. You can also review the Community Guidelines for the Neighbors app to see what type of content is and isn’t allowed.