Ring needs to be Compatible with Google Despite the Competition

Despite the competition between Amazon and Google, these smart products need to work together.

I have a smart home that consists of Nest, Hue, and Ring. Ring is the only device that won’t commumicate with Google Home.

I would like my Ring Doorbell to show video on my Nest Hub. Should be a no-brainer…

Remember, consumers purchase products for their features and price. We don’t care about companies competing against each other.



It is obvious that Ring/Amazon is deliberately blocking this ability. I foolishly assumed that Ring would make itself available to Google Home; had I realized that this isn’t the case, I would have searched for another alarm/camera system. I now have too much invested in Ring to make the switch, and otherwise I’m happy. But it’s like I bought a car without power windows.

Ring management had better start reconsidering this Apple-esque pettiness. You’re going to start losing out on business as this becomes common knowledge.


Ring should just state that they never intend to integrate properly with google home because they view corporate greed as more important than improved safety and security of the people who buy their devices.


Ring and Google/Nest used to be on the path for compatibility, but it was gutted when Ring was acquired by Amazon. Some left over integration may still be present, like checking battery level or other useless capability, but the key feature of streaming the video from camera or announcing a doorbell press is not present.

I don’t know who’s fault is it, and each side will point the finger to the other. Howver, given how almost all other device can work with both Google and Amazon (and so did Ring before Amazon bought them out), I would say it is Amazon / Ring that is relunctant to do what it takes to integrate in.

I still have my Ring Cameras and Alarm, but have recently switched all my Alexa echo and echo show to Google Home / Nest Hub. Camera and alarm may have to go if they continue to be incompatible. Google has superiority access to web / video content, and much nicer screen based devices (the echo show 5 is so slow). It is too bad because Amazon / Ring does have a very nice alarm system and better home automation, it just that their screen based device suck and lack of YouTube / web search really hurts the assistant.

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Amazon / Ring team, you must put the customer in the center of your operations. My home is governed by Google Assistant and my security by Ring Doorbell and Ring Cameras. It’s a mistake to fight between you two because the only injured are your own customers.

Start integrating Ring with Assistant soon. Don’t let us down.