Ring needs a NEW mode badly!

I’ve been beta testing with Ring for quite some time. I’ve also been a very early adopter since the beginning of their retail products and I’ve also been telling them they need to add a feature for quite some time.

Here is the problem, if I have someone working in my yard, I have to snooze notifications as the motion alerts drive us and the dog crazy. The problem is, snoozing them for 4 hours has to be done on every device, my iPad, my wife’s iPad, my android phone and my wife’s iPhone. There is NO snooze all. Then I have to reverse all if the yard work is done quickly so back to each device.

How about adding a new MODE.

Disarmed will be everything off including my alarm. Home Mode can be the alarm not activated but motion alerts telling me someone is walking on my lawn and my doors still chirp. A new mode called STAY or NiGHT mode could set the alarm, arm the doors to instantly trigger the alarm, notify me If there is motion in the yard etc but doesn’t arm internal motion sensors or internal doors. That new mode would be good for sleeping or showering. Finally away mode would arm everything.

is this too much to ask?


Just replying with a link to my similar feature request. We’re both more/less asking for the same thing. Your post mght be a bit more clear than mine, so thanks!


Agree! Snooze all and an option to add another mode

I agree when at our home and mode is disarmed I get bombarded with motion sensor and door open close notifications…also doorbell and camera notifications. Don’t really need that since we are the ones setting off all the sensors…please add this simple yet critical feature…

A snooze all is so needed!


Completely agree. There should be a Night/Sleeping Mode. This can be like an in between of Home and Away… the primary reason is you might want to have a kitchen sensor or back door not armed during home (say you have a dog, letting them out etc during the day), but it should be armed while you’re asleep.

That, or just “custom” modes and you make all the configurations you want!

One or two customisable modes would be fantastic. I’d like to be able to arm the door sensors in the evening and the when it’s bed time I’d like to also arm the motion sensors downstairs.

Ring doesn’t seem to care anymore. I had a rather extensive email exchange with Jamie Siminof, the inventor and all he did was whine how I insulted him for saying he was now a rich man and likely didn’t care how screwed up Ring has become because I asked him to tell Ring to get their sh#t together if he cared how poor things have become.

i once had 8 cameras with Ring and have moved away from them now at only 2. I’ve found a better working and better experience using Eufy Cameras. I’ll stick with the Ring Alarm until they screw that up.

I agree to the motion snooze for all devices!

I would love the ability to have home mode only send me push notifications to my phone and to maybe just activate a connected Ring/Z-Wave light. I want to be able to have a mode enabled for when I am home with my family that let’s us know if my son has gotten out of bed when he is supposed to be asleep and might be walking around while I am on another level of the house watching TV or have gone to bed myself. I do not want the alarm to be triggered in this particular mode, but only get a notification on my phone or a connected light.

The night mode portion of this would be very helpful!

100% agree. There needs to be another mode where I’m home but I can just get chimes or alerts when a door or window is open. When we are home, we don’t want the alarm going off, we just want to be notified that a door or window has been opened. I’m at the point where I may put my old alarm system back up. At least you could enable and disable the chime feature from the keypad without having a full blown alarm go off when someone opens a door.