Ring motion sensors not triggering routines

All good here in the UK since around 5pm (a few hours ago).

Feedback for Ring - the status updates for this incident were very poor to non existent. Letting us know the API integrations were still down would have really helped here. Folks had no idea the Alexa routines were broken because of this and tried lots of pointless troubleshooting etc in vain.


Some of mine is working but some aren’t. I utilized the sensor for outdoor lights for two of my automations and they are not working.

Still not working on the east coast. I’ve got several new sensors I can’t get to work so hoping it resolves soon

Not working here either. East coast USA. Installed ring a couple of weeks back and have not been able to get alexa routines to work. Figured it was not supported.

Got my system yesterday and everything was fine with routines but this morning none of them work. They work when I play the routine through the Alexa app but not when I open a door for example.

Anyone else still having this issue?

On the phone to support now but not hopeful.

Still having the same issue. Motion sensor will not trigger my lights on routine. What is the solution here Ring?

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Same here. Ring alarm gen 2 only arrived this week and I was excited to create some routines but the door sensors aren’t triggering anything. I get the notifications on the Ring app, so I know they’re working, but no routines.

Any news on a fix? Are all the posters from November still having issues as well?

Hey neighbors. I wanted to share this Community Post here about creating Alexa routines. I has some great information that might help!

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Nothing Ring Alarm related triggers Alexa routines now

Motion Sensors, Door Sensors or Alarm state changes, nothing triggers an Alexa routine anymore.

I used to have lights that turned on/off when doors opened/closed, nope not working anymore.

I used to have everything turn off when the Alarm was set to away mode, nope not working anymore.

The routine activates if I test it and the Alexa app even know if a door is open or closed etc, but no routines can be triggered.

Same problem here. Alexa can see my Ring motion sensor in its linked devices list, but I can’t get any routine to be triggered when motion is detected.

This seems to be 1) a common and obvious use case and 2) something people have been reporting for months.

C’mon Ring, get your act together!

Hey @BB23! Try disabling the Ring skill and announcement in your Alexa app, then re-enable them. Please also check the wifi connection of all related devices (Ring/Alexa). Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: