Ring motion sensors not triggering routines

Bought a new ring alarm system today and set it up. I tried everything but can’t get the routines to trigger on any ring sensors or mode changes. Contact sensor in Alexa shows status correctly but routine doesn’t trigger. Re-adding/re-linking nothing helps just like others in this thread have noted.

Any updates on this issue, is it from ring or Alexa problem

Same. Two days. This breaks my device for it’s intended use.

Having the same issue for my Alexa integrations. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

Same exact problem - wondering if it is related to the massive AWS outage on Wednesday

Come on Ring…provide an update on this issue. Many of us went crazy trying to disable/enable skills etc…it’s been days…

This could be related to the AWS situation which brings to light a vulnerability that Ring and many other companies have. Regardless, my free trial is almost up and this isn’t looking good for Ring. Especially with the recent doorbell incident. Even a mass notification telling us that their API is still down would be nice ? Unless… The notification API that works with alexa is the one still down -_-

Has anybody filed an official bug report on ring? Are the ring folks even aware how wide the impact is? If it helps we can all chime in on the official bug report, hopefully it will drive a prompter response from ring/amazon.

Can somebody from ring say what the process to file a bug/outage report is?

I see this forum is monitored by Ring employees but there has been no response or even acknowledgement on the thread below which shows a large user base impacted by an outage preventing Alexa from triggering any routines based off ring devices. It would be great to get an official response on that thread:


I am having the same issue. This seems to coincide with the major Amazon AWS Cloud Service issue that affected the entire East Coast. I have a location in Iowa and it too is having issues still today.

Same here. I’ve tried everything, rebooting Alexa devices, rebooting my router, disable skills etc. I think this is related to the recent Alexa app update!

Mine all seem to be working now again. Checked this morning and they definitely were not, but they’re without doubt working now.

I hope this is permanent and I hope everyone else’s begins to work on it’s own very soon.

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Finally found this thread this morning, after two plus days of no routine triggers. It is still an issue here. For those that say it is corrected, did you do anything to move this along? I have reset all devices and redid all routines. Any help is appreciated!

I literally did nothing. I noticed one start working on it’s own, so I tested several others and they all worked as well.

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Thanks for the reply Joel. My routines literally just started working again, as I was reading it! All seems well again. Have a great weekend!


Still not working here in SoCal

Works now here on west coast

Works here in the west coast now as well. It looks like they implemented a fix and monitoring it: https://status.ring.com/

Suddenly everything works again. No action taken.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for helping each other out in this thread as we experience some outages with the Ring app and Ring.com. Please note that the issues within the app and the website would have been affecting this feature, but as of Nov 27, 11:44 UTC, a fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. If you are still experiencing any further issues with your Ring devices and how they were behaving previously, I recommend giving our support team a call so they can look into this further. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

If you’re having issues with your Amazon Alexa devices not responding how they should, but your Ring app and all your devices are behaving how they should, it would be best to reach out to Amazon Alexa for further assistance to check on that device. For Amazon Alexa support, you can look for further assistance and help on the Amazon side here.