Ring Motion Lights - Able to Turn off the lights in app

Please add the ability to turn off the outdoor floodlight without cutting the power to the light? The motion snooze does not stop the lights from turning on and there are times you don’t want the lights to turn on (ie when hanging out on the deck at night).

Also, can you have the option to turn the lights out for a set period of time, like at hour or 2 without motion?

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Won’t turning the motion off acheive this?

I mocked this up,

Enhance “Snooze motion on all cameras” Mockup

Refer to this new feature request. Let me know what you think.

Yes please! My flood lights are hard-wired, so I don’t have a switch to turn them off. Snoozing motion doesn’t help. I have to delete/turn off zones to keep the lights off. A simple snooze (like for the camera) or a true “light off” radio button would be amazing! Please make this happen ring.