Ring Motion Announcements for Echo Show 5 and Spotlight Camera

Hello all,

Excuse me if this has been answered already but I couldn’t find any info on this.

I’ve just got a Ring Spotlight Camera and a Echo Show 5 as a gift for my parents on this Christmas (I know this is early but they had a sale on the last Prime Day).

I understand that with the “Door Press Announcements” and “Motion Announcements” turn on, the Echo Show automatically live feed showing the camera from the Ring Doorbell. Would it work the same way with my Spotlight Camera? If I turn on the “Motion Announcements” from the Echo Show 5, would it automatically show the live feed from the Ring Spotlight Cam?

Most of the articles I’ve found relates only to the doorbell I just want to see if this is also true for the Spotlight Cam, this is a gift so I can’t do a test on it yet. Thank you!