Ring Mailbox Sensor Range

What is the range in distance for the Ring Mailbox Sensor? I have Ring Pathway lights and bridge, but a long driveway (which is why I’d be interested to know if mail has been delivered.

What is the wireless protocol? If it is one of the community shared protocols, that’s helpful to know though I’m rural so I don’t believe it would yet benefit me to bounce off of the units of other people’s devices.

Hi @pinedesign! The Mailbox Sensor requires a Ring Smart Lighting Bridge in order to connect and communicate notifications as intended. Just like your other Smart Lighting products, the Bridge connects to your Mailbox Sensor using a low power radio frequency. The maximum distance can differ based on environmental and Bridge location factors. The best way to be certain this will work for your mailbox, is by bringing a Smart Pathlight near your mailbox to see if it remains connected and controllable from the Ring app.

If it does, then your Mailbox Sensor will also reach the Bridge and should work as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This Non Answer is disappointing. This response provided an answer to a question that was not asked. He did not ask what equipment was required to use the Sensor (FRUSTRAING). Then the respondant did not answer to Direct questions, what is the distance and what is the frequency, two very good questions.

Instead the respondant suggested that he just run around and test it himself using his existing equipment. (oookaaay?) and completed ignored the question about frequency. So he is just supposed to run back forth between his mailbox and house and “figure it out”?

How about providing a direct Answer to a Direct question? I have the same qustion, but the respondant failed to answer it.


My distance is 65 feet between the bridge and mailbox.

I have my bridge at the interior front wall of the house next to a picture window and the front garden bed has a good amount of shrubs between the bridge and mailbox sensor line of sight. No issues receiving sensor alerts thus far. And so far I really like this thing!


I’m building my Ring network and noticed the mailbox sensor alert system. We are in a rural route and the distance from the house to the mailbox is a kick. What is the maximum tested distance from the Ring bridge to the mailbox sensor? I couldn’t find this in the technical specs and details. Thanks in advance.

I just installed a mailbox sensor that is 320’ to the bridge, the signal strength shows fair, and it seems to be working. The bridge is mounted on the exterior wall facing the mailbox sensor. The mailbox sensor antenna is directly facing toward the bridge. The only obstruction is the one exterior wall.

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Welcome to ring were giving a straight answer never seems to work. Mine is in the front yard across the street, antenna out and was connected until i put it in the mailbox. Seems the bridge has a short range. I am sending mine back. Good idea just no range.