Ring Mailbox Sensor false alarms

Just got a firmware update to the mailbox sensor. Seems to be back to normal TY

What is the new firmware update version you received? I am still on 1.8.8-33


Yeah really- what’s the new firmware version? How do you force a firmware update??

Oh ok, the ring app got an update. The mailbox sensor is still at 1.8.8-33. Hopefully the app update fixes the problem.

The app update has NOT solved the problem. Ring- HELP.

  1. 8.8 39 new firmware
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Thanks DigitalGuy. I was just about to scrap the unit and start bad-mouthing Ring. I’ wait for the fix.

I just received a replacement Ring mailbox sensor today due to frequent false alarms during the last 10 days or so. I installed the brand new Ring mailbox sensor and the false alarms started right back up. In the past two hours I got six false alarms. Ring clearly has a problem and their lack of candor in admitting that there’s a problem is disturbing. Hey Ring, look at all of the false alarm complaints on this thread. This is your problem. Fix it before these things start going into a garbage can. Tell your techs you have a problem with this false alarm issue.

I am having the exact same issue. Device worked flawlessly for the first couple of months it was installed. All of the sudden I started getting random multiple alerts over and over again that would last about 2 hours and then would stop. At times it might occur again later in the same day. Checked the sensor for debris or cobwebs, there was nothing. Changed the batteries. Ineffective. Checked the mailbox mounting to ensure it wasn’t loose or moving, it was secure. Tried resetting everything. No help. Uninstalled and reinstalled the ring app and restarted my iPhone 12 Pro. Ineffective. Contacted Ring support. After several minutes of questions and recommendations that I had already tried on my own, they decided to send me a new sensor and requested I return to old one. I received the new sensor today, paired it to my bridge. It immediately performed a firmware update. Once the update completed, I noticed the motion sensitivity settings looked different which was a positive sign. I then installed the new sensor to the mailbox but alas, the same problem exists. Ring has escalated the case. Stay tuned!

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well they ain’t fix it yet as of July 2, 2021 i received 20 notifications regarding mailbox sensor, July 1st received 2 and June 30th received 10, please fix this

The topic has NOT been solved in that the second-hand communication, while appreciated, is not posted directly from Ring and there is no detail on how they plan to solve the issue or if any action will be needed by end users. We also need notification when Ring believes they have fixed it. With a huge installed user base, I’m surprised Ring would risk a news headline like, “Growing Tidal Wave of Ring Users Report Phantom False Alarms Nationwide.” We understand tech issues happen, but this company should know how to communicate with customers when they do. I encourage everyone to keep posting until it is truly solved. Yes, I have the same issue.

I received a firmware Update #1. 8.8.39 yesterday and the problem appears to be fixed. No false alarms for almost 24 hours now and have tested opening and closing the mailbox several times. Hopefully this finally fixes it permanently.

I updated the ring app yesterday and do not have the mailbox firmware update included. Can the two of you who have the 1. 8.8.39 mailbox update explain how you got it? You do realize there are a LOT of us here who’d like this update. RING support- is this a slow rollout?

Can the two people who have the mailbox update let us know what firmware version your ring app is on? My ring app is on 5.41.0 but the mailbox sensor firmware wasn’t updated with this ring app version.

My Ring app is version 3.40. The mailbox motion sensor firmware update yesterday to happened automatically without any action by me. I didn’t even know it had occurred until I saw that someone else posted they received it so I checked it and apparently so was mine. I wish you Allgood luck with this issue.

I installed my Mailbox sensor in April . . . It worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago when it began false alerting . . . I called support last week, and after a 1 1/2hrs and speaking with 3 techs, I was finally sent a new sensor . . . I received and installed it on Thursday . . . same false alerts.

I spent time yesterday to change the location of the hub, changed the hub power supply and even put it on a different wifi network . . . still false alerts.

I saw this morning that a new FW version xxx.39 was pushed . . . unfortunately, I am still getting false alerts :frowning:

It would be nice if someone from Ring addressed the issue in this forum . . . it’s obvious this not an isolated issue . . .

Afternoon Update: I power cycled the detector and see my FW is back to xxx.33. Apparently the xxx.39 update pushed and received this morning didn’t take :frowning:

7/5 Update: Device now confirmed to be on xxx.39. No false alerts since 7/4.

Add us to the list of people who have Ring Mailbox Sensors that are giving us a lot of false alarms. We just got ours a few months ago. It worked great for about a month, and now we have to deal with all these false alarms? And Ring knows it’s a problem on their end, yet haven’t fixed it yet? I will need to update my review for this, if Ring isn’t going to take bugs seriously, especially when it’s being reported by a bunch of people using the same product, I can’t recommend it to anyone and need to downgrade my rating.

I also started getting FALSE alarms about 5 times a day starting since approx 6-26-2021 or so.


I called RING support and they were worthless & redirected me to Amazon routine support.

My routine is NOT the problem. What ever they changed really KILLed this sensor.

How do you update 1.8.8-33 to 1.8.8-39 ???

Same problem here. Worked great for months, now it is an annoying false alarm machine.

Online chat support can’t help, they don’t know how to update firmware.

They seemed pretty bad. Try to get help via the chat and report back with your results please.