Ring Mailbox Sensor false alarms

I’m also having the same problems, the mailbox is closed and no motion and I am getting periodic error messages as is another person in my town that I spoke to. Looking forward to a fix as this makes the sensor pointless.

So I tried the simple steps- opened the sensor, reseated the batteries. By opening the sensor it of course reseats the antenna as well. No further false triggers yet. I would have had plenty by now. Tested it again and same result- no false triggers. Don’t remove the sensor from the app. Not worth the hassle. This extreme heat is also wiping out battery life quickly too. Either that or the increased false triggers is doing it. But, try what I suggest- could help. Helped me. Like anything electronic, a restart can sometimes clear the glitches. Reseating the batteries accomplishes this. A ring fix would be the ultimate.

So an hour or so and no more false triggers. So, first thing to try- open sensor, reseat batteries (even change for new if they’re way down to low 30%), snap sensor back together which reseats the antenna as well. This cleared my issue for now. Will report any change. Good luck.

Same issue here for the past few days. Sensor is triggered by mail delivery person, then repeated false positives for the next hour. It usually stops within an hour or so. Ring, we need a meaningful response from your tech team, this is getting annoying.

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I am also having the same issue for the last 2 days. Customer care said they will be releasing a firmware update to fix problem

Same problem with mine, although the false alarms following actual motion aren’t following the same pattern others report. I get motion followed by 7-10 false alarms that generally grow further apart.

Setting sensitivity to the lowest setting made no difference. Battery shows 64%, so not a low battery issue. Mine’s been false alarming over a range of daytime temps, so not due to heat.

Ring should send customers an email saying they know about the problem and are working on a fix. We shouldn’t have to dig around or call to see if it’s a faulty unit or something systematic when Ring already knows.

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Same issue here, Florida. In my case, it started yesterday, June 30th.

Same issue here in MN since the firmware was automatically updated back on 6/26.

My Mailbox sensor was working great for months then about a week ago I started getting the false alerts. It seems opening the mailbox triggers them, I’ll get the alerts continuously for a few hours. Then they stop until the next time the mailbox is opened.

Same issue. Been getting numerous false alarms for about 2 weeks or so. Seems to happen most often after an initial real motion alarm. Had the device for many months with no false alarms at all, and no change in the actual mailbox. Checked for bugs, etc in the mailbox and it’s clean, so appears to be a Ring bug as others have reported being advised by Ring support. Hope it’s fixed soon, as quite annoying.

Update: Contacted Ring support. They also had me open the sensor and remove the batteries, re-seat them, and make sure the antenna connector was secure. Verified motion sensing is working again, and so far no false alarms. Will continue to monitor and update. One further troubleshooting step they suggested is if it continues to happen, bring the sensor and antenna inside the house and put them in a sealed drawer to test motion detection and whether the false alarms only happen in the mailbox. Will try that next if the battery reset doesn’t resolve it.

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With so many of us having the same issue all of a sudden, it has to be an issue with a common location (Ring itself). I too tried taking the batteries out and put them back in. Everything is showing normal/green in the app. It lasted one day and then went back to giving false alarms again.

I am not that upset that there is an obvious issue with the Mailbox Sensor, but I AM upset that Ring can’t let their customers know there is a problem. There is not a word of this on their system status page. That’s just WRONG. Or would a quick email to your customers be in order? Come on Ring.

In any case, (for me) this issue started after a recent update. And for some reason, it only occurs in the afternoon, which is the same time I receive mail. Today, July 1st, it seems to be alerting much more often than other days. It would be nice if they were able to revert the update back to the good one!

This has been going on for 3 days. I now have turned mailbox motion off but still getting notifications?

Same problem here as noted above but I am NOT using the antenna (I get good signal without it). Anxiously awaiting the solution from Ring.

I’ve had to disable the mailbox sensor because of the false alarms. I thought it was just my sensor until my mom said hers was going crazy with false alarms too. A quick google search found this thread.

This is a mess. Not sure what could take so long to fix.

Same problem here. I never had this false alarm problem until very recently. Now, if I open the mailbox, I get a notification and then keep getting multiple notifications repeatedly for the next hour or so. Please fix this! Super annoying and very disappointed that Ring can’t get their act together.

Just started for me this week also. Thought maybe a spider got in the mailbox but nothing there. It is very annoying

So after reseating the batteries and all that worked for a day and now the problem has returned. Definitely a ring problem that needs a fix.

Hello Marley and Tom

I just called support. She said she would escalate my two issues, short battery life going back to April, and now false motion which started about a week ago. But no specific help for me. She refused to send me a new sensor.

It worked fine for at least 5 or 6 months.

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My experience is similar. Battery life appears to be a few months and after a legitimate mailbox detection, there are a series of false triggers. We thought it might be wind or some other environmental factors. Our mailbox is synthetic resin, so we do not need or use the external antenna.

If this is an application problem, I anxiously await a fix.