Ring Mailbox Sensor false alarms

Add me to the list. Boy this is annoying.

My mailbox sensor is also giving 6 to 8 false notifications each day.
No passing cars, no birds, no bugs. The sensor had worked fine for a few months until last week.

Arg! This totally defeats the purpose of it!

Please let us know if this solution continues to resolve this issue. I don’t want to go through this hassle unless it really works! Thank you.

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Doubtful that a replacement will fix anything. With so many of us reporting the same thing all at the same time, it points to something that was changed with Ring itself. Either firmware or something else that they changed that introduced this issue.

Add me to the list, get this fixed ASAP.

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According to Ring the mailbox sensor and the light bridge have not had a recent firmware change.

Add ANOTHER to the list. False mail notification going off every few minutes. It was working fine for a couple of months. I have it all unplugged now. NEED A FIX!


Same situation- worked fine for months, then a high number of false alerts at random times this week. Having “you got mail” announced late at night on every Alexa device is not going over well, have disabled till I hear of a solid fix on this thread.

If there has not been a firmware update by Ring I wonder if it could be caused by the very high temperatures many of us have been experiencing this week? Living in PA this is the first time we have seen temperatures in the 90s since installing the sensor back in March.
Just saying…

Same issue here. Installed the mailbox sensor months ago, and have had no issues. Love it in fact.
On 6/28, it started sending false alarms at least once per hour for about 10 hours after it was triggered by mail actually being delivered.
Somebody mentioned heat maybe the issue, but it’s been just as hot prior to 6/28 with no issues.
Please help us Amazon.

Wow if heat will cause issues then I’ll be due for many more here in Texas :grinning:

I only installed this back in November 2020 when it wasn’t 90+ degrees. It will probably get to 110 by August. I did have all my false alarms during the day, so that may be a factor (or just coincidence?) Hasn’t happened at night when temps fall to 70’s/80’s.

I really doubt the heat is related. Here in Texas while it’s hot, it was hotter just last week and I had no problems before the day that everyone else’s identical issue popped up. Just from trending in this thread alone it’s pretty clear this is not an issue with the devices themselves, but something in central control from Ring, and if that’s not the firmware version (hard to say for sure without a log entry showing the update) then it’s some server-side issue on Ring’s side. In any case it’s not faulty hardware or anything from the environment.

One quite interesting thing I noticed when looking at the times of the false alerts is they happen at a regular pattern after a legitimate alert. Here are some of the Ring app’s log entries from mine the past couple days.

10:25 AM - Mail carrier opened box
10:25 AM - Less than a minute later, false alert
10:26 AM - False alert
10:32 AM - False alert
10:43 AM - False alert
10:58 AM - False alert
11:28 AM - False alert
11:58 AM - False alert
12:58 PM - False alert
Finally stopped after this

11:47 PM - I opened the mailbox
11:47 PM - Less than a minute later, false alert
11:48 PM - False alert
11:54 PM - False alert
12:05 AM - False alert
12:20 AM - False alert
12:50 AM - False alert
1:20 AM - False alert
2:20 AM - False alert
Finally stopped after this

So in both cases this is the exact pattern:

Legitimate alert
Less than a minute gap - False alert
1 minute gap - False alert
6 minute gap - False alert
11 minute gap - False alert
15 minute gap - False alert
30 minute gap - False alert
30 minute gap - False alert
1 hour gap - False alert

All the other false alerts follow nearly identical patterns. This is not random. To me, the pattern looks like some process repeating itself, possibly due to an error. That’s not a hardware issue, that has to be software (either firmware or server side). This is an issue Ring needs to address.

This is really frustrating.

I removed the Mailbox Sensor from the Ring app and tried to reinstall it, but after scanning the code on the sensor it tries to get me to connect to my Echo using Sidewalk (which I have disabled), no option to connect to my Ring Bridge. I unplugged the Echo and it now gives me the option to “set up a new gateway” (in addition to connecting to my offline Echo) so I click that and select Ring Bridge and it tries to setup a new Ring Bridge. I select “setup without scanning” and it tells me I already have a Ring Bridge. It never gives the option to connect my Mailbox Sensor to my Ring Bridge.

I removed my Echo from my Amazon Alexa app and tried again to reinstall the Mailbox Sensor and this time it worked and connected to my Ring Bridge, no problems. Once connected I stuck it in a drawer and have gotten a few alerts that it has detected motion already. I went back in and set the sensitivity to low and it seemed okay for a few minutes, so I took it back to the mailbox.

I reinstalled the sensor in my mailbox and all was good for about an hour.

10:32 – Detected motion when reinstalling in mailbox
11:32 – false alarm
11:33 – false alarm
11:34 – false alarm
11:35 – false alarm
11:37 – turned off motion detection and motion alerts

Can someone fix this?

Happening again today.

10:13 AM - Mail carrier opened box
10:13 AM - False alert (<1m gap)
10:14 AM - False alert (1m gap)
10:21 AM - False alert (7m gap)
10:31 AM - False alert (10m gap)
10:46 AM - False alert (15m gap)
11:16 AM - False alert (30m gap)

Except for the 3rd alert being 7 minutes instead of 6 this matches the previously mentioned patters exactly. I fully expect another false alert at 11:46 AM.

Edit: Right on the nose!

Hi neighbors. Thank you for your diligence in bringing this to our attention. I’ve brought this up with our team that works with this device for investigation. Once a solution has been found, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Neighbors!

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Same issue with false alarms with me. Installed several months ago and working fine. Now in the last few days, I’m being inundated with multiple false alarms. Has Ring pushed out some kind of defective firmware update I’m not aware of?

I am having this issue as well. Very frustrating and a recent occurrence. Worked fine up until a week or so ago. Could this have any connection to Amazon Sidewalk going live?

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Sidewalk went live Jun 8, weeks ago.

Update as of 12:00 pm US Central time 6/30/2021

I just got off the phone with a rather knowledgeable agent at Ring Support. Ring has confirmed that the false alarm issue with the mailbox sensor is on Ring’s end. They are aware of this issue and are working on a solution.

"None of the troubleshooting steps, setting adjustments or resetting the mailbox sensor will have any effect in correcting the issue until Ring has resolved the issue on our end."

It was nice to finally have someone confirm this. Enjoy your never ending alerts until a fix is found. :slight_smile:


Add another to the list of people with the false alerts. There does appear to be a pattern to the alerts and seem to start each time after an actual true alert. Then we get some every hour, or every 30 minutes, or every minute or so for multiple occurrences. Then it seems to stop for a long time until it is activated again by an actual opening that day.

Update: Somewhere between 7/3 and 7/4 it seemed to have gotten fixed for me. I do not see any evidence of a firmware update but I am on version 1.8.8-39 for the mailbox sensor, version 1.8.8-29 for the bridge (yes -29 and not -39), and ring app version 5.41.0. The problem seems to have subsided but I can’t say why.