Ring Mailbox Sensor External Antenna Extension Needed

I need an extension for the external antenna as the one that came with the mailbox sensor is too short.
There are plenty of questions regarding this problem in this forum and on you tube. Why hasn’t ring replied to this? The whole purpose of the external sensor is to properly mount the antenna towards the bridge. You can’t have more than one bridge so only option is to properly mount antenna. So ring needs to do right by customer and give more length for external mailbox sensor and provide the abilitly for more than one bridge as I have an acre of property and weak signals because of such. Let’s go Ring! This is a pretty easy problem to solve

Hi @bogey13rpd. I see that you have already located the feature request for this on our Feature Request board, and added your feedback there. We use the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our team, however we do not reply to every post on there. We will reply to the appropriate threads when we have information or news related to a particular request.

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