Ring made a mistake to delivery my purchase and now no re-deliver in Australia NSW

On 25/01/2022, I purchased a stick-up cam solar - white with solar panel from ring.com Australia.

On 28 Jan I have received an email from Ring about my order is on the way with AUS post tracking ID. Aus Post informed me that i should receive my parcel on 31 Jan 2022. However, this parcel never reached me. I raised my concern immediately to both ring support and Aus Post. I was told by ring support to wait.

On 2 Feb I received an email from Aus Post telling me that the delivery information on the parcel is wrong and they have returned it to sender.

I called ring immediately on 2 Feb and was told once return parcel is received, ring will send to me. Ring created two shipping request and sent email to me.

I waited until 8 Feb without any progress and I called ring again. Once again, I was fooled by ring support with update as below:

Solar Panel will be available 1-3 weeks
Stick up cam battery will be available 1-2 weeks

You will going to received an email confirmation and tracking number / information once it is assigned by the shipping carrier.

I waited until today 21 Feb still got nothing from ring (at least for Stick-up cam it has been two weeks waiting). I called ring support and told that ring will not tell any time for my delivery due to running out of stock.

ring just created two more fake requests ID and asked me wait.

First of all, I did nothing wrong on this purchase. I am not the one who put down wrong address. Aus Post confirm label on parcel is correct with my address but sending info on it was wrong (I believe Aus Post means what registered in the sending system is wrong.).

ring keep lying to me about the delivery and almost a month now I still don’t have my items.

Anyone got such experience?

Update: I recently received my RING it seemed after I started to mention there was an issue.
Keep mentioning your issue and I am confident RING will rectify the matter.

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