Ring Lights - most inconsistent product - schedules all messed up

So I have 2 ring light transformers, 2 floodlight cams, 2 motion lights, and many ring camera. I doubt anything will be done about this but I need to get this off my chest. The light schedule controls in the App are a MESS. I cannot set some lights to NOT come on during certain times, especially when I am having a party in the backyard and I don’t want guests to be flashed by security lights. WTF What the Fail? Some lights I can set lights to be off for certain schedules, but some I cannot. And what’s worse I cannot easily enable that mode - instead I have to go into each light and enable some schedules. WTF again?
It would be so much better if there was a simple mode that I can turn a group of schedule across mutliple lights on and off. Why not?
It would be better if I could set up multiple zones where my lighting goes on for as long as I say .
I need a motion snooze that can go for up to 8 hours.
I need a light snooze that lasts until morning. Not 4 hours. Not midnight cinderalla!
This is all so fixable by software - yet it’s been ages light this? Is no one thinking about this stuff? Is no one paid at ring to improve the products? Get this complaint to a product manager please and make them listen. Please!