Ring lighting not working on schedules

I recently set up a Ring alarm and attached several motion detection lamps and cameras, smart bulbs and outdoor plugs. Even though I had not set up the smart bulbs to come on with motion from one of the motion detection lamps, they appeared to. I had arranged several smart bulbs into groups and the group then appeared to be controlled by the motion sensor on one of the cameras. I had added light schedules to the groups of lights that they didn’t follow. They would turn on, but not off. Then sometimes when they were supposed to be on, they would turn off.
I tried all the things that support suggested, got rid of the app and re-installed, even reset the system and added everything back in again, without groups. Finally they suggested new smart bulbs and some are on the way to me. THEN MY OWN LIGHTBULB CAME ON!
I disabled the Ring Skill from My Alexa App and all the Ring lighting worked perfectly. No new bulbs needed. All lighting schedules work perfectly, even the dusk until dawn ones which I hear folks are having issues with. It has all been perfect for days now and this weekend I will reestablish Alexa, but first intend to have it “forget” the Ring lighting and the “re-discover” it again. Also, there is a feature within Alexa called HUNCHES that turns off lights that it thinks you have inadvertently left on. The ones, perhaps that I deliberately left on overnight or when away from the home, therefore overriding the schedules and making me go crazy. You can disable HUNCHES in the Alex app.
I hope this finds someone who, like me has been driven crazy by this and can make their system better. It’s pretty great when it does!! Good luck


Hi @dodgyuser. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll be sure to share this feedback with my team!

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