Ring Light - Off Hours Function

I just got a ring spotlight camera and am disappointed that there is not the ability to turn off the motion detection light function during scheduled hours. For instance I have installed the ring light on my back patio, I want the motion detection to turn on the light from midnight through 6am, but would rather have the light set to manual control only during the evening - say from 6pm - midnight. It’s an outing to be sitting in the hot tub on a dark evening and to have the spot light turn on every time there is movement. Sure I could turn my light switch off (which is what I will need to start doing), but it would be great to be able to schedule that function with the software. I would also like the camera to record moment during the time the light is not activated.



I have just installed a spotlight cam mount. I have created a motion schedule to prevent motion alerts for a portion of the day and evening, which works fine. But the light turns for any motion at night.

It would be great to have a setting that allows the motion schedule to disable the light as well as motion alerts. If I don’t want motion alerts, odds are I may not want the light to turn on, either.