Ring Light Color Temperature

Can we please have color temperature adjustability or an option to replace the LEDs in my current floodlight cams. With all the other smart lightbulbs on the market having color adjustability, the Ring lights look out of place and to be honest the soft white does not look good to me.

Just replaced my floodlight with the Ring floodlight Cam and immediately notice the light difference. It’s too warm, only 3000K! Wouldn’t daylight color such as 5000K or 6500K give a better, more clear video? It will be even better if the color temperature can be adjustable like many other smart lights nowdays. Looking forward to an upgrade!

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Thanks! I moved my post to Feature Request Board.

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As dumb as this may seem, this is my one HUGE turnoff with Ring’s outdoor lighting cameras. All of my outdoor lights on my house are 5000K and to have a 3000K floodlight/spotlight cam doesn’t match the rest of my lighting.

Please add a 5000K option to your floodlights/spotlight cams (not to mention at least 2K or 4K resolution too)


Should DEFINITELY have options to change color temperature of flood light pro with technology available today! (3000k-8000k) I personally have daylight color (6000 k) lighting outside my house and I’m sure many other customers do as well. This is such a hard miss for product design team!! Would look a lot better if it all matched :confused:


totally agree with warm white 3000k they should have made option to change it to 6000k cool white.

Does anyone know a product or a way to replace the leds to a 5000-6000k color? I agree with all comments above, the temp doesn’t match my other outdoor lighting and drives me crazy.

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Agreed! I despise anything lower than daylight white ~6000k!

Also agree! Looks like somebody is above my garage shining my grandpas old D cell flashlight down on my driveway while the rest of my lighting is crisp bright white!

Just had a light/cam installed over the garage. Saw the color and had I known, I’ve have bought a Nest. Never even occurred to me that it wouldn’t be adjustable, let alone a single setting at 3000. I’ve got a 5000 fixture over my door 20 ft away and it looks ridiculous… Come on Ring, you’ve got a bunch of good stuff, but this is 20 yr old tech.

I’m all for choices since most soffit lighting allows you to switch between Kelvin of your choice…but IMHO, the 5000k-6000k makes your house look like a dentist office. So if Ring only offers 3000k, I love it! No reputable landscape light company recommends anything other than 2700-3500k for residential. Go to any upscale neighborhood…you’ll see, it looks the best. All the variance make neighborhoods look fragmented and cheap.

Take down the 5000k it looks like a dentist office instead of a neighborhood crazy_face:

I hate anything that is above 3000k in a neighborhood! You all need to do some research on residential lighting standards. Warmth in a neighborhood looks far more classy than your dentist office taste.

I’m for choice in your kelvin so Ring should give the option…as long as you don’t live in my neighborhood lol.