Ring Light Bridge Extender?

I see that only one Light Bridge is supported per location. I am not yet at my limit for lights, however I do notice poor connectivity to the light bridge from my devices. Is there a bridge extender similar to the alarm extender, or can I deploy a second light bridge?

Hi @Alsmaster! As long as you can get the Bridge to connect to your home wifi and stay online, you should be good! I would just ensure that your router can handle another wifi enabled device, and that the two Bridges are not too close to each other to cause interference. Additionally, you may have to create a second location, such as adding unit b to the address line during setup. Keep in mind, lights from one Bridge will not be able to link to lights on another Bridge, so it is best to divide up the zones of your home that you’d like to cover. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the original question as it helped me find this. That is a great reason for the community area.

My questions is do the Ring lights connect to the bridge OR directly to the home wifi? The reason I am asking is I have my new Linksys triband router centrally located in my home high up on top of my kitchen cabinets and my Ring base station within 2 ft of it. I installed the Ring Bridge outside (under my roof on my pool area away from the weather) as I thought it had to be close to the lights, but I am not sure if that is even neccessary if the light connect directly to the router, if so then I can re-install the bridge in the house on top of the cabinets too.

Please advise.

Hey @FStewartIII. The Ring Smart Lights connect directly to the Ring Bridge, so you’ll want to ensure that the lights are not too far from the Bridge or they may not have a good connection. Typically putting the Bridge at about a halfway point between your router and the lights themselves will provide a solid connection. I hope this helps clear things up for you. :slight_smile: