RING Lack of Car Cam Communication

Not sure why RING is lacking communication with regards to shipping dates of this product. I understand that there may be shipping delays and so forth. But, it is business like to at least inform the consumers that have already paid for their order. Rather, we are given ETA that changes. Mine still says a date passed. I see in this community many inquiring while RING response vaguely with “we don’t have access to acct since this is a public forum”. I mean, do they not get the fact that we just want a date and not so much access Info. Granted each act will have different dates; but at this point, we need some information. MY ETA 11/3 has passed with no status. I contacted CSR and was useless. Now I am being told by Dec even though not noted. Ordered Date 05/2023

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Hi @MoJo143. We do not have this information. I would suggest following up with our team on Facebook or Twitter by sending them a private message @Ring.

If you see TOM, I have already contacted customer service and they were USELESS. Im just sharing my experience so that others are aware of the la k of service or information RING provides.

Hi @MoJo143. Thanks for the update. I suggested reaching out to our Facebook/Twitter team because they are a different part of customer service. Additionally, try checking your email for a notice about this from Ring. It may be in your junk or spam. As you can see below, this is the most recent information available.

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Hey Neighbors. We apologize for the delay in the shipment of the Ring Car Cam and we understand how inconvenient this is. Delays have persisted longer than expected, so we want to refund and cancel said orders. Within the next 7–10 business days, you should receive an email confirming that your order has been canceled. Thank you for your patience on this.