Ring is a ripoff

Aside from Rings infamous reputation for serious security flaws, this company can’t even develop a workable website. I have had to re-register several times to access the website to subscribe to their service.

After finally getting on the website, it just takes me in circles. Click subscribe, click on the service I want, back to subscribe, pick the service I want, back to subscribe, and realize after 3 times that Ring exist in “Groundhog Day” world.

My wife bought this as a gift and we want to get a refund, but unfortunately can’t. My wife does not have the reciept anymore so we are stuck with eating the initial cost of this inferior product.

One might think that after all the bad press Ring recieved from poor security allowing hackers to prey on kids that they would step up their game. Instead, Ring makes it difficult for their prospective customers to sign up for their service which I can’t believe. If they can’t develop a process that makes subscribing to their service easy, how the hell can they assure that they addressed the security concerns adequately?

They won’t stay in business for long. Someone will see an opportunity and jump into this market and drive Ring out!

I will be sharing this feedback with our state consumer division, and definately will warn others not to waste their money and risk the security of their children with this product.


The security breach because of the people and not the service. Might want to read into it a bit. As for losing the receipt, who’s problem is that?
As for the website, sounds like an issue with you. They sell millions of these devices. Do you think they’d want to lose money selling the service?

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I did not blame Ring for the loss of the reciept. I stated that we did not have the reciept and were unable to obtain a refund due to not having the reciept.

I am adequately tech savvy and so is my wife. I was responsible for implementing a complex work management system, time keeping sytem, geospatial program, and a few other system initiatives where I worked until I retired. My wife still works as an auditor and has adequate tech skills.

And yes, the security issues are Rings responsibility. A device that can be used to access your private space should have more than one level of security required to gain access. Note I say required, not optional.

I would never consider Ring for home security, but my wife thought we would find the doorbell useful. It didn’t turn out that way though.

But you blamed me for having issues, it could not possibly be that there was an issue with their website? You know for a fact that I was doing something wrong, you saw what was happening? You heard when I asked my wife to watch what was happening, and when it kept taking me back to the subscribe homepage I said does it feel like “groundhog day”, and she chuckled and said they don’t want our money?

As for the revenue comment, I agree with you on that. Which is why I have come to the conclusion that someone will come in and get it right and own this market.

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Hi @excustomer it would be helpful for the team if you provided more information, such as the web browser you are using. Thanks


@excustomer Thank you for providing us that information! There are a couple things we could try out in order to get you subscribed to this plan. If you are connected to your browser with a VPN, you will need to make sure to disable this VPN is order to access the website’s full functionality. Additionally, if the browser is taking you through this loop, it may be best to clear your cache and cookies and see if it functions as it should, or try another browser.

In the event that you keep getting this loop, I strongly encourage you to reach out to our support team here. They will be able to help you subscribe to the plan over the phone, while also taking a deeper look into this. They will be able to document your account with all the information they will need to escalate this up to be further reviewed. We appreciate your feedback during this process and hope you’re able to get this sorted out so you can enjoy the Ring product! :slight_smile:

No VPN, and cache and cookies are cleared regularly.

I have already spent too much time to this point trying to give your company money, and the solution is to continue trying other things so that Ring can get my subscription? Not acceptable in the least!

There’s more I can say, but not worth my time.

I’m done with this. I consider the purchase a mistake and the money lost as a lesson to do more due dilegence in the future.

Hi @excustomer Can you please answer the following?

  • What browser and devices are being used?
  • What steps are you taking to try to subscribe? (Need detailed step by step instructions or a screen recording.)
  • What happens after you take those steps?

Thank you.

It’s not him, or his browser, or his cache.
I just experienced the exact same thing, with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari on my phone.

If you try “shop plans” from the option under your address, this will happen. It puts you into a never ending look from “Shop Plans” to “Buy Plus,” and back to “Shop Plans” over and over again.

However, if you select “Shop Plans” underneath a device, rather than your location, it will go through and work. Just a heads up.


Thank you cg2112, I appreciate your helpful response and validation of the issue I was experiencing.

I have already spent too much time trying to give Ring my subscription and will not try anymore.