Ring iOS App - add Haptic Touch home screen Quick Action to Arm/Disarm Ring Alarm

Being able to easily control the Ring Alarm through the Ring App is one of the great features of the system, IMO. Now that my new Ring alarm system is configured and working well, arming/disarming it is the main reason to go use the app.

The Dashboard in the Ring App has big buttons at the top to set the Ring Alarm to Disarmed, Home, or Away modes. But when you launch the app, it seems to go back to the section of the app you last looked at, so it may take a couple taps to get back to the Dashboard.

Feature request for the iOS Ring App:

  • please add Quick Actions via Haptic Touch to the iOS Ring app, to allow quick arming/disarming the Ring Alarm system directly from the iPhone home screen. This way you can more quickly control the alarm system without fully launching the app and navigating to the dock.

In other words, from the home screen a long press on the iOS Ring App icon will bring up a Quick Action menu with the following selections:

  • Disarm

  • Arm Away

  • Arm Home