Ring +IOS 13

The notifications on my iPhone 11 with IOS 13 are extremely loud. How can I adjust the volume for the Ring App without impacting my phone ringer? The volume is so loud that I cannot wear headphones with Ring active.

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Hi @ 5816H. You can modify the tone type and also the volume of the selected tone following these steps under the device’s profile:
From the main menu in your app > Devices > Select device to edit app tone for (will have to do this for all devices) > Device Settings > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones. From there you can modify the sound for Rings (if doorbell) and/or Motions. Feel free to explore the other tones as well, to customize your experience. Hope this helps!


Tried your settings solution, but the overall phone ringer volume and the Ring Alert volume seem to be linked. When I tried to adjust the Ring volume, it said my phone ringer volume was set low (that’s because Ring about took my head off with my AirPods in place) and that I should turn up the phone volume. Maybe I’m missing something.

Okay, tried it again and I guess there is some difference in overall volume. Not a lot but certainly better. Decided to change to “Echo” sound, which is softer.

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Thank you for these steps, I followed them and I was able to lower the volume and it did work but even at the lowest setting it is still too load while use our airpods. Since most of us are now working from home, keeping the airpod in ear us useful… except when the doorbell rings. Please help us out. Thank you!!!