Ring Intercom with Urmet 1131/002G - Audio In issues


I just received and installed the new Ring Intercom on an Urmet 1131-002G but I have an issue that sometimes I can’t hear the caller but the caller will always hear me correctly. I can’t pin down when or why this happens, it seems random, sometimes I can hear the caller without a problem and other times it’s just blank. I’ve rewired everything and made sure it’s wired correctly, also reset the intercom multiple times but nothing seems to fix it.

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Hi @salemsayed. Check out this Community thread here. This thread has an ongoing discussion about the Ring Intercom and there is lots of useful information in there.

I wired my Urmet 1131/002 which is identical to yours but I tried to open the gate but without success.
Do both buttons on the intercom work for you?
I still have to test the audio.
In my urmet, I can open the gate normally by pressing the button at the bottom without having to lift the handset.
Does it work the same way for you?

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Hi to all,
I’ve the same Urmet 1131/02… Have you solved the issue or there are some audio problems between this device and the Ring Intercom?

Hi, i have your exact same problem that i practically connected everything and everything works perfectly, but the gate doesn’t open for me, can you tell me if you solved it, how did you solve it ?

Hi, I have the same urmet model but I don’t have any cable conntected at CA port, can you please write how I have to connect the ring cable to the urmet?

Hey all,

Does your intercom use an “option key”, instead of the unlock key with the key icon to control the Unlock function? This is a common case in Urmet 1131 intercoms. If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to wire the Unlock from Ring Intercom to the external button. Support can best help you with it.

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