Ring intercom with Elvox 900-902

Hi there, I’m in trouble trying to install a ring intercom to my existing headset Elvox 900-902.

Wirings into the headset are about:

  • 1 Yellow = Mic
  • 2 Blue = Headset
  • 3 Black = Common

Buzzers and Door opener are outside the headset, and both work with 12V AC.
The power supply is somewhere in the building and is shared between the appartments.

There is a way to connect ring intercom in this scenario ?
I already have finger relays in order to convert 12V AC into any other required voltage.

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Hi @neobo. We have several articles on our Help Center about the Intercom here, which may help. You can also get in touch with our Intercom support team via phone or email, and they can assist with installation and wiring questions. :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, I had already checked out articles and Support Team but I haven’t received any support.

Ring app tells me to connect cable with existing wires on pin 6 and pin 7 but:

  • pin 6 has not any cable attached (probably building elettrical system specific wiring)
  • pin 7 does not exists on headset (probably an issue in ring app :slight_smile: )

I have called support team 20th of april and scale up my request to a 2nd level: no response.
I’m trying to ping every 3-4 days but again: no response come back from support team.

I’m trying in community with other users due the lack of official support :sweat_smile:

Can I try in a different way or channels ?

Hi all, same problem and same wiring as @neobo .
Could you please give us the instructions to install Ring Intercom on Elvox Art 900-902?
Thanks a lot

@Mengolim it seems that your case is simpler than mine: you have short-circuit between green cable and blue cable.
If the front door is the top side button, you can consider pink cable attached at pin 7.

But a cable is missing: the buzzer (pin 6). Probably you have an external buzzer (like me).
I suggest you to unmount your headset and check for a cable that is passing through that place.
If you are lucky, behind the headset you can find the buzzer cable.

I’ve found a solution for my usecase with a multimeter and some reverse engineering.

For cable A the meaning are:

Ring Cable Meaning
A-1 Common
A-2 Speaker
A-3 Mic
A-4 See below
A-5 Door opener
A-6 Someone is calling at the door

With some tests I’ve seen that the A-6 button is working well with 12V DC but is not working well with AC.

I’ve inserted a 12V DC power supply and a relay to convert voltage. After that the ring can detect signal from the front door.

To unlock the door i figure out that ring intercom close the circuit between A-4 and A-5 cables. It is a very good feature to have a clean contact :slight_smile:

In my case the doors open with VCC 12 AC and I have connected A-4 cable to VCC and A-5 to the cable to the door.

Now It’s work like a charm!

@neobo I’m glad you were able to find a resolution that worked. Thank you for sharing this solution, as it might help other neighbors who have the same intercom as you. :slight_smile:

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