Ring Intercom wiring to standard phone

I have an existing system for our electric gate, the gate is opened by dialling a a code into a standard telephone handset (BT Duo 210 v2), this then opens the gate.

The handset is purely for use with the gate and is not for general ‘phone’ use.

Can the Ring Intercom be used with this system by wiring into the phone?

I am only interested in using it to open/close the gate, if the audio link doesnt work its not an issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thank you

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Hi @Siddys1974, welcome to our Community and thank you for your interest in the Ring Intercom. Following investigation, our engineering team have determined your product is not compatible with the Ring Intercom system. Ring Intercom works only with standard Intercoms and is not supporting telephone handsets.

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