Ring Intercom: View wiring setup WITHOUT adding a new device

In my building we have a mixture of handsets for a 4-wire Came BPT System 200. Some older handsets have the terminals numbered 1/2/3/4 while more recent handsets are numbered 5/7/8/9.

For reference I’ve setup my Ring Intercom successfully on a recent AGT A200 handset with 5/7/8/9 terminals:

  • A1 → 5 Common/Ground
  • A6 → 7 Call
  • A2 → 8 Speech In (Speaker)
  • A3 → 9 Speech Out / Lock

and everything is working as expected (received audio from the entry panel is rather low in quality, but hopefully audio codec improvements will come in time).

However, to assist other neighbours with different/older handsets I’d like to repeat the wiring setup in the app to better understand THEIR handset wiring, perhaps to produce a simplified installation guide, or to assist them remotely.

For reference, on an older System 200 handset with 1/2/3/4 terminals the wiring would be:

  • A1 → 1 Common/Ground
  • A3 → 2 Speech Out / Lock
  • A2 → 3 Speech In (Speaker)
  • A6 → 4 Call

Seemingly it’s not possible to re-run the wiring setup in the Ring app without installing a complete new Ring Intercom device, which is obviously a pain for anyone that just wants to understand the wiring of a prospective installation.

Ideally the wiring setup instructions would be made available on-line to view at any time - this would help with anyone offering installation as a service (for those less able).

Making the wiring setup instructions available free to access online would likely also help with pre-sales, too.

Hi @neilm-uk. We do have some installation instructions for the Ring Intercom in our Help Center, which you can find below. I know this information is the basic process, and may not be applicable for residents with older or different systems, as you mentioned, but I wanted to share this resource in case it is helpful for you or other neighbors. Thank you for sharing your suggestion.

Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring

Yes, your link is really just the basic/generic information.

What I hope Ring will be able to provide online is the same information that is available in the Ring app when setting up a Ring Intercom - adding the wiring setup to the end of the Compatibility Checker would make the most sense.

For example, an installer could go to the Ring website, complete the Compatibility Checker and be shown the following wiring information for the handset they have selected:

This would be useful if trying to diagnose a fault on a previously installed Ring Intercom system, or simply preparing for an upcoming install. Currently the Compatibility Checker stops short of providing any wiring information.

Being able to view the wiring information without having to install a device would be very useful - there are so many reasons why the installer might not want to add the Ring Intercom device being installed to their own phone when installing it for someone else, or the installer may not be able to use the residents phone (for instance if they are not present etc.).

Hopefully you can pass on this request for consideration.

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@neilm-uk Yes, I definitely see where you’re coming with and it would be a useful resource for a variety of situations, including when someone is looking to have an installer set up their Ring Intercom. I have noted this request with my team, but I can’t give a guarantee on any feature releases or updates. With that said, your feedback is still very much appreciated as we always want to work towards improving our devices to create a better neighbor experience. :slight_smile:

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Another reason to put the wiring guide online - when users post here with wiring problems, none of us can look up their handset or provide alternatives without performing a reinstallation of our own devices in order to access the wiring guide for their handset (or maybe a compatible alternative).

And nobody here is going to do that…

I agree that providing the wiring details online for all supported models would be really useful for all potential new customers…
Why don’t you post those info?

I also noticed that Intercom is missing a downloadable PDF full manual…