Ring Intercom Videx 3011

I have just purchased and installed the Ring Intercom to my Videx 3011 intercom. Instructions all very easy to follow, and wired correctly as per the app - double checked with technical support.

I can open the door through the app, and when the door is rung I am instantly informed via the app. People at the door can hear me talking very clearly from my ring app, but I cannot hear them.

If someone shouts into the microphone hole on the videx unit at the front door, you can JUST about hear a muffled voice… The videx unit telephone still works perfectly with crystal clear audio.

I’ve contacted RING techincal support who are looking into it, but I wondered if anyone had any experience of a similar issue, and what the fix was?


I’ve fited a videx 3021 - here’s the diagrams etc. https://holywoodhouse.com/how-to-fix-an-old-phone-line-gate-intercom-problem-solved/
On my Videx gate unit you can adjust the volume of the microphone. Ours is an art 924 - and there’s a little screw that adjust the volume. You might have similar. Be careful not to go too loud though - or you create horrible feedback.