Ring Intercom (+Video doorbell) to fully replace old analogue opener

Hi there!

I’m building a Ring ecosystem, by now including alarm and videocams.

Now, I want also to fully replace my analogue opener and intercom (Golmar RF-0010) with a Ring video doorbell together with the new Ring Intercom. For that, I have a couple of questions regarding the new Intercom device:

  • Does it have a physical button to open the door, such as the Nuki Opener? Or door opening does only work remotely from the mobile app? From the descriptions, it is not clear whether the circle at the center is a button that can be pushed, or just a led. I find having a physical button, as the Nuki Opener has, is very convenient to fully replace the old intercom, instead of having to keep both devices. If this is not, what would be your recommended approach to fully remove my old intercom?

  • How does the Intercom interact with a Ring video doorbell? What happens when somebody rings the video doorbell? Can the Intercom be used for voice bi-directional communication through the video doorbell? All in the assumption that the old analogue opener has been removed and the only setup is Ring video doorbell + Ring Intercom.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @smuela. The Ring Intercom is designed to be installed alongside your existing intercom so you can answer it from anywhere using the Ring app. It does not replace your existing intercom, and it does not have any physical buttons on it to control the door with. If you have a Ring Video Doorbell as well as the Ring Intercom, you can use the Linked Devices feature to have your Doorbell begin recording when someone buzzes your intercom.

You can find more information about the Ring Intercom here. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the Ring Intercom support team directly here. :slight_smile: