Ring intercom: timed Auto Unlock/opening

For Ring Intercom, it would be great if you could set a time each day where if anyone calls your intercom it automatically opens the door.
This is very useful if you aren’t able to get to the notification for the intercom in time (this happened today) and a delivery was missed.

As someone with responsibility for the management of a development (multiple apartment buildings), I’d be 100% opposed to this idea - it would only take one inconsiderate/lazy resident to compromise the security of an entire building.

What you want is pretty much already solved by Auto-Verify, so it’s down to the delivery company to negotiate Auto-Verify access with Ring rather than individuals weakening the security of their building and putting their neighbours at risk.

However because you’re essentially trying to side step Auto-Verify with your unverified timed unlocking, I would think it highly unlikely that Ring will implement your suggestion (regardless of the negative security implications) - access to Auto-Verify is a potential goldmine for Ring.

If there is demand for unverified timed access unlocking (and interest from Ring in implementing it) then this would have to be enabled by an opt-in from the building management (just as Auto-Verify is opt-out for building management).

Or, you could just wedge open the front door of your building with a heavy object, and explain to your neighbours why it’s necessary to allow potentially anyone access so that you can receive your deliveries (good luck with that). :wink: