Ring intercom support for multiple doors on same intercom


it would be great if the ring intercom would support multiple doors too open.

In our living complex there are multiple doors connected to the same intercom with one button (TCS - ISW3030) which need to be opened individually.


I have the same question. The website says it’s supported but when I tried it wouldn’t work and the guy on the helpdesk said it’s not!?

Hello, same situation here. I have 2 doors. On the first door, I need to type the code 212, on the second door, I need to type just 12. What do I need to do?

I have the same problem. It seems the Ring device is not able to manage multiple encodings with some intercoms.
Actually, when checking my system (Elvox 6309/R684) for compatibility, it results compatible with a single door and incompatible with multiple doors. The compatibility check asks for multiple doors before asking for your intercom brand and it doesn’t stop you immediately when declaring you have to open multiple doors. So I assume there are some models for which Ring is able to manage multiple codes.
In other words, it seems we are just unlucky owners of incompatible models. I would be happy to get a feedback by someone who owns a compatible model, for confirmation that such models exist.

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Thanks for the hint! Yet nothing I can do beside placing the feature request here.