Ring Intercom succesfull installation on Golmar T-900

Hi all,

Long story short: As per today, connectivity diagram in the Ring app is wrong for Golmar T-900.
I was able to open the door but I received no calls.
Solution was to connect A-6 cable to position 0 of the interphone (instead position 7)
Probably many other Goldmar schemas has same error, as the diagrams the Ring app is providing are the same for electronic & buzzer calls (in Golmar T900, position 0 is for electronic call, 7 for buzzer one)

No “Intercom” tag in the forum, so feel free to move where this corresponds better

Salud y saludos

Hi @JuanE. I’m glad to hear you were able to get the Ring Intercom working with your setup. Thanks for sharing this feedback, I’ve passed it along to the appropriate team. :slight_smile:

Thanks Juan! That was exactly my problem with Golmar T-510R which was odd to me as that position was unused but maybe not all models are affected as I’ve seen a youtube video where Golmar RF-0061 seems to work ok even tho that the intercom wasn’t using that position.

Thanks for the excellent feedback again.

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