Ring Intercom & STR Elektronik WF26

I am trying to solve a wiring problem between the Ring Intercom and the STR Elektronik WF 26.
According to the manual it should be:
Ring Intercom <–> STR Elektronik WF26
A1 red <–> 3
A2 brown <–> 1
A3 black <–> 4
A4 white <–> n/a
A5 gray <–> 2
A6 purple <–> 5

I live in a multi-tenant house. The problem: I get a ring message on my smartphone not only if it is ringing at my door but also when someone is ringing at any neighbor. My STR WF26 responds properly, i.e. only when someone rings at my door. Any ideas???
5 seems to be the appartment bell
4 seems to be the front door bell
2 and 3 seem to be the door opener
1 and 2 seem to be the power supply

Hi @Hoover. I’d recommend reaching out to our Intercom support team at one of the numbers listed here. Our Intercom support team can assist with more technical questions like this that may not be covered by the installation steps in the Ring app itself. :slight_smile: