Ring intercom notifies when neighbor bell is rang

So I live in Spain but no forums for there yet, living in a buildig, got myself a Ring intercom, it works very good when someone rings at our number. BUT sometimes our home intercom does not ring but we receive the Ring app notification that someone is ringing at the building portal, and is ringing someone else in the building…
Anyone a clue what I can do?


I have the same problem. False notifications with urmet 1130. The intercom isn’t ringing and for some reason (door opener pressed or neighbour call) it notify me someone is calling me…

Even today I received a notification when my neighbor rang and the model of my intercom is Urmet 1130 if anyone has any information or solution I would be happy

Hey neighbors, would you mind reaching out to our Intercom support team on this matter? That way they can take a deeper look to see what might be causing this and how to correct it. Thank you!

Hi, I have the same problem (URMET 1130/16 1131/1), when my neighbor rings, a false notification arrives on his cell phone

Same problem with URMET 1130/12.

Same problem here. Has anyone got any progress?

I reset the intercom and redid the procedure putting model 1130/12 which was printed inside despite the model being 1130/3B and for now it’s working, the neighbors rang and my ring didn’t ring, I’ll let you know if it still works

the problem has reappeared, I believe that the false notification only comes when they ring a neighbor who lives in my column, when they ring on the column next to me everything works fine, maybe it’s the fault of how the system is made?

Same problem with Urmet 1130/12G.

This topic is incorrectly marked as solved. As of today, the support hasn’t been able to come up with a solution to the problem described by the original poster.

same problem here with "SSS SIEDLE HTS811-0 "

Is there any solution?
I live in an appartment with 55 units, so it somehow is very annoying the many false alerts!!

Hi everybody,

I’m new to ring and to this community and hoping someone can help/offer advice!

I’ve recently purchased the ring intercom system, installed it and have found that my system alerts me when other apartments are being buzzed on my floor!

I live in an apartment block on the first floor, which contains three independent apartments (me and 1 either side). The issue is when someone buzzes on of my neighbours either side I get a notification that someone’s at my door (when there clearly isn’t). I reinstalled it to see if there was an error but got the same issue.

Having experimented around with the buzzers outside I have managed to whittle it down too the issue being my floor only. I’m still happy with the system as I haven’t missed a delivery yet, however the caveat is I’m busy answering the door to my neighbours guests all the time!

When the issue occurs, I notice my traditional intercom handset doesn’t ring only the ring interface itself so I’ve worked out that if my intercom doesn’t ring along with the app and it’s probably not for me.
Not been experienced with the ways of how intercom systems work. I’m not sure if this is something that can be rectified or something that I just have to put up with?

Has anyone come across this problem before? It’s likely that my floor is on one circuit, although I don’t understand why my handset only rings when someone presses my flat number and doesn’t when flats either side of me have guests yet the intercom ring system seems to think it’s all one?

My intercom handset is the Videx 3121 although I’m not sure exactly what the system is. I’m sure I can find out though if this is necessary.

Any advice to put my mind at rest would be appreciated everyone!


Hi! I’m facing the same problem and it’s very annoying when I’m not at home and I answer my neighbors calls. Did you find the solution?

Nope, fraid not yet :unamused:

Hi neighbors. As mentioned by Caitlyn, please reach out to our Intercom support team if you are experiencing this concern. Our intercom team will be able to further investigate. Thank you.

I am trying to solve a wiring problem between the Ring Intercom and the STR Elektronik WF 26.
According to the manual it should be:
Ring Intercom ↔ STR Elektronik WF26
A1 red ↔ 3
A2 brown ↔ 1
A3 black ↔ 4
A4 white ↔ n/a
A5 gray ↔ 2
A6 purple ↔ 5

I live in a multi-tenant house. The problem: I get a ring message on my smartphone not only if it is ringing at my door but also when someone is ringing at any neighbor. My STR WF26 responds properly, i.e. only when someone rings at my door. Any ideas???
5 seems to be the appartment bell
4 seems to be the front door bell
2 and 3 seem to be the door opener
1 and 2 seem to be the power supply

Hey @Hoover. I have just encountered the same issue in my building, trying to connect the ring itnercom with the same STR Elektronik WF26 model. I hear my neighbour’s door bell ring and then I get a notification, even though my WF26 isn’t ringing

Did you have any luck solving it?

(Also, side question less related the ring connection and just the WF26… Do you have any idea on how to turn of the volume of the speaker haha)


I connected the cables according to your instructions but the problem is that the front door won’t open from the Ring app?

Hey guys! It’s only me or you also find this forum kind of useless? I mean, all the posts are answered with “contact with support” so anybody can find a solution here without expending several days on emails with support center… So hard to maintain a community and keep the customer around the brand this way… By the way 2 weeks have passed and this problem is not resolved yet