Ring Intercom not working

Can you only not speak but also not hear anybody when they call you from outside door?

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I can hear, but I am not hearable. There is also loud noise. Funny thing, it worked before I was resetting together with support team. Wiring is easy, as it is a BUS System (=2 wires, digital). No clue. Seams (also) a software problem.

I own a Siedle HT 111-02 and for me its also not working… the ring test is not working… when i press “open door” in the Ring app… i get a message that i opened the door and shortly after a message that the doorbell is ringing… Maybe the documented wiring (from the app) is wrong? i’ve already checked with the support that my documentation should be right.

What is working is the loudspeaker… when i open the door (i get the message the doorbell rang…) then i can accept the call and speak via phone to the loudspeaker outside… the microphone was not working :frowning: maybe i did not speak loud enough… but also the loudspeaker was very silent and both… microphone and volume is set to 100%

I had a Nuki Opener before and it was working fine… i only swapped because with ring youre able to use the call feature. I also put all the cables back to original after i removed the nuki opener and installed the new ring intercom device.

what i’ve also done → i removed the device from the app… after my first initial try… and when i readded it… it installed a firmware upgrade but this also did not solve the issue.

EDIT… 3 hours later :D… i got it working now… i added the unused Cable A4 and connected it to “8” on my intercom… and now its working… opening the door works… and getting the doorbell ring signal also works. The Test (when the led blinks green…) does still not work. For this i set my intercom to HT-411-02 (which has A4 connected to 8)

BUT… the ring test does not work… when i close the ring test :D… ringing works… lol any idea? do i really need to finish the setup?

This is the one with only 5 connections (HT 111-02 in the app)

@neilm-uk @DaveGG thanks for taking a closer look, you guys rock - this really makes my day! I will check it again once I’m back home from work and try as you suggested, will report back :slight_smile:

Hey, Neighbors! If you would like assistance from a Ring Expert, feel free to contact them via Email or Phone here. I hope this helps!