Ring intercom not working with urmet 1133 D001

Good morning,
I have a problem between the ring intercom with the Urmet 1133 D001 used to open a gate.
After following the wiring shown in the photograph, the opening of the gate which is operated by the circled white button does not work.
I await your help and greet you cordially

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Hi Fabry73, just installed my ring with same model and I got your same issue. I cannot open the gate operated by that button. Did you solve it , meanwhile?

Hi @fabry73 , Thank you for sharing this information and the picture. This helps a lot already. Our team is taking a closer look at this for you, and we will get back to you as soon as we know more.

Hi @Cyrex73, Welcome to the Ring Community!
We’d be happy to take a closer look at this with you. Please send us a picture of the wiring and another picture of the case of your current intercom. Our team will then be able to investigate this further. We look forward to hearing back from you.