Ring Intercom not open door on BS2012

Im unable to open the door even after I Ring before press open.

But voice is possible.

The installation Guide is useless … b- and a+ are not only 1x there …


App …

Hi @Ryoberlin. Welcome to our Ring community! Thanks a lot for providing this much information and the two screenshot. This helps a lot already. Our team is taking a closer look at this for you and we will get back to you as soon as we know more.

Thanks a lot for the great (German) Support Team,

I called them a few times. Always nice. But the Problem is still there :frowning:

RING Team is still Checking this since July.

The Error is always the same… RING is not opening. The Opener don’t gets a signal/power… only a Noise from the Speaker instead from the Opener :smiley:

But Talking with RING is working.

Hi @Ryoberlin. Thank you for getting back to us. We have recently launched a new firmware to the Ring Intercom and we believe, that this should fix your problem. In the ring app, please tap on your Intercom and complete the setup of your device. Please let us know, if this resolved your issue.

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