Ring Intercom: no event history in 3.55.0 (Android)

Just getting this screen in Event History for my already setup Ring Intercom (it’s the same on Alarm and Lights tabs). New Intercom events are not being logged. This was working fine in the previous 3.54 version (the Intercom events appeared on the Camera tab).

So it turns out it’s just the Dashboard Event History button that is now broken.

The following works (Devices > Front Entrance > Event History):

But Event History from the Dashboard (or History from the menu - it’s the same thing) doesn’t know anything about Intercoms, or Intercom events:

This is a regression from 3.54. IMHO, the Dashboard Event History needs extending to include support for Intercoms, ideally with a dedicated Intercom tab.

Hi @neilm-uk. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll be sure to forward this information to the appropriate team.

Sadly still the same No Dashboard Event History for Intercom.
IOS 5.56.1

No improvement in 3.57.0 (Android, available today).

I’m starting to get the impression that the Ring Intercom is a second-class citizen as far as the Ring app is concerned - the Ring Intercom integration is really quite poor.

Is Ring giving up on the Intercom already? :thinking:

Hi neighbors. We have shared this information with our team already so they can work to resolve it in a future update. We don’t have any information to share at this time, but will provide an update once we do. Thank you for your time and patience.