Ring Intercom - Neon Access and Guidance on what each wire does

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I thought I’d help out those who are currently trying to get their Ring intercom setup. One of the annoyances for me - was the installation guide not actually telling you what the different wires are.

Cable pins

A1 - Power to Ground
A2 - Audio/Ringer Input
A3 - Audio Output - Microphone
A4 - See note below
A5 - Open Door
A6 - Ringer, Activator, Button pushed

A4 → I haven’t been able to confirm this. But it seems to be for systems where the ringing and earpiece of disconnected. This is unconfirmed.

Neon Secure Access Systems

The ring engineers haven’t done any checks on the Neon access systems, however using the decoding above and the technical specifications I have been able to get my system to work.

Connect your system as follows.
0V port - A1 cable
1 port - A2 and A6 cable together
2 port - A3 cable
L port - A5 cable


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Forgive me if it’s stupid question, does this relate to the wires in the box that came with the intercom?

Hi @Artemu. Thank you for this feedback. I suggest reviewing this Help Center article here. You can also forward this feedback to ring-intercom-support@cs.ring.com.

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My 2c

A1 is regular common
A4 is probably meant for audio common. Regular common is usually return for ring and unlock signals. Audio common is return path for mic and speaker. These commons are separate so as to not have noise from ring/unlock show up on mic/speaker. But in many systems audio common is either not present or is just shorted with regular common. A1 and A4 are the same for Ring Intercom because when I use a multi-meter on them they seem to be connected together.

Yes, it is. There are multiple cables in the box. The ones with label A-1/2/3/ etc are used in this manner

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I did think that was the case. Thank you. May I ask if you do know, which of those wires (if any) would determine if the app shows the unlock door button. I have the Videx 3171p and the button is missing, I can unlock the door when someone buzzes and it “rings” via the app.
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I don’t think this can be changed by wiring. The question is whether you can unlock your door using your own handset without somebody giving you a ring? If yes, then you can ask the CS that your system doesn’t need a ring and they should be able to change it. I know one person in this community who got it done this way. But if you need a ring to unlock then even if they give you the unlock button pressing it would do nothing.

Thanks for the info, very helpful! On the app which Brand & Device did you choose?

As I’m new to the community I seem to only be able to post replies and not start a topic. But I found the message above really useful in installing my intercom with a Bitron MV100 video entryphone. As Artemu says it’s frustrating when what each wire does is not explained. My entryphone goes under other names including Series 70 which appears in the Ring app but that leads to a wholly incorrect wiring set up. Mine works (no video of course) by wiring A1 to terminal 1 and A2 A3 A5 and A6 to C. I haven’t yet checked sound quality and whether adding A4 to 1 improves that.

Further to my first post I found that adding A4 to terminal 1 did not improve sound quality and indeed seemed to make it slightly worse.

I seem to have got everything working except that intermittently if someone at the street door presses a button for a flat other that mine then my Ring app will sound but not the entry phone in my flat. I cannot get my head round how I might have achieved this but have decided to leave things alone and embrace this as an acceptable glitch for the time being.

Hi There, I recently purchased the ring intercom and wired it up using cable A and the wiring above, but it doesn’t work. Can you share some more detailed steps on how you wired it up?


This might be the answer I was looking for… This info I had seen already, so know I only need 2 of the wires… A1 and A5 - I am using a ring doorbell for audio & video so the others not required.

(Someone rings my doorbell, I want to then be able to open the gate through the Ring app)

I have a Beninca Brainy24 gate control unit (terminal diagram below)

Is it as simple as putting wire A1 into connector 25 (common) and wire A5 into connector 21 (open). I believe this is how my old intercom system would have integrated with the gate.

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