Ring Intercom kit unsuccessful setup (SKS 4500/2)

Hi all,

I recently bought a Ring Intercom Kit for opening the Front Door on my building, but I did not manage to make it work with the ring kit:

  • I did the wiring installation as recommended. Just two wires to connect. Reviewed a few times and it is as described.
  • After the setup, I am able to listen a custom sound from the Ring device, but in the final step where the door need to be opened, it not finishes successfully and all I listen is the ringing from the phone (not the one to open the door)
  • On my app, it does not appear the “Open door” button
  • I don’t even get notification in my app
  • There is a “similar” topic with the SKS 4600 (https://community.ring.com/t/ring-intercom-setup-unsuccessful-sks-ht460). As suggested there, I reinstalled the app and the Ring device. Waited fir new firmware install, and still nothing.

I’m kinda of frustrated :frowning: Has anyone here in the community some tips to share? What may I doing wrong?

Hi @Clerton. For further assistance with your Ring Intercom, contact our dedicated Intercom support team.