Ring Intercom: Is trickle charge from the intercom system supported?

My Ring Intercom on 2.4GHz WiFi (Ubiquiti U6-LR access point) has only dropped 1% battery charge in the last 12 days (31-Oct@89% -12-Nov@88%).

I can see “Power save” mode is active, but even so at this rate a single battery charge may last over 3 years… :smile:

Apparently some hardwired Ring video doorbells can trickle charge from the chime transformer, so is the the Ring Intercom able to trickle charge/leach power from the intercom system it is connected to?

My Ring Intercom is connected to a Came BPT System 200 intercom with AGT A200 handset.

Hi @neilm-uk. The Ring Intercom will not trickle charge the Quick Release Battery Pack when wired to your intercom system. You will have to remove the battery and use the USB cable or Charging Station to charge the battery when needed. This Help Center article here has further information for the Ring Intercom. We also have this Help Center article here on how to charge the battery for the Intercom.

@Justin_Ring thanks for confirming the situation with trickle charging.

In that case, I’m a bit suspicious about the rate at which my battery is depleting - I know I shouldn’t complain because it’s going to last a long time at this rate (3+ years from a single charge) but that’s a little hard to believe, so without trickle charging I’m not entirely sure the battery meter is being very accurate!

Just checked it again, and its dropped from 88% to 87% (which took 9 days).

28/10/2022 Fri 19:40 - 92%
29/10/2022 Sat 19:40 - 91%
30/10/2022 Sun 16:00 - 90%
31/10/2022 Mon 17:00 - 89%
01/11/2022 Tue 19:40 - 89%
02/11/2022 Wed 19:39 - 89%
03/11/2022 Thu 19:25 - 89%
05/11/2022 Sat 18:28 - 88%
06/11/2022 Sun 18:32 - 88%
07/11/2022 Mon 18:32 - 88%
08/11/2022 Tue 18:30 - 88%
09/11/2022 Wed 16:57 - 88%
10/11/2022 Thu 20:59 - 88%
11/11/2022 Fri 18:57 - 88%
12/11/2022 Sat 18:09 - 88%
13/11/2022 Sun 18:28 - 88%
14/11/2022 Mon 03:02 - 88%
14/11/2022 Mon 16:02 - 87%

The first couple of days after installing were spent mucking about, but after that it’s been left alone and occasionally used to open the door, and only dropped 1-2% in ~14 days.

If this level of battery depletion is expected, then great… if not, then maybe there’s an issue somewhere? That’s really the point of this post, I suppose. :smile:

@neilm-uk No worries; this is normal battery depletion for the Ring Intercom. If any other concern for your Intercom comes up, we also have our Intercom-dedicated support team ready to assist; you can find how to contact them here. :slightly_smiling_face: