Ring Intercom - Fermax 8022 not working

Hi, bought Ring Intercom as was supposed to work with Fermax 8022 @fermax (Newest Fermax are 3307/ 3315, instructions are the same as for 8022, as expected)

Configured it propelly and Ring detects the doorbell (turns blue) but opening function is not working. Checked all cables and doesn’t seem to work.

Also tried the Fermax Generic VDS BUS but I don’t have an L port on my board for the yellow cable, throws error of connection if I only left the + and - cables connected.

I’m posting pics of the installation:

Before installation:

App instructions:

Not sure if Ring touched anything (got in contact with support and they sent all the info to the engineering department) but it’s working now.

Based on previous experiences with other brands, I suggested to increase opening signal. It works perfectly now! :grin:

Hi @rovart. We’re glad to hear that you got this taken care of!

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