Ring Intercom enable to open two doors

I have two doors connected to my home intercom.

Current Ring Intercom installing process (v5.60.0) communicate with one of the doors and after that the installation proces is finish. I can pair Ring Intercom to open door 1 or door 2. The installation don’t enable to pair the device with my both doors that needs to be open.

Ring team - are you planning to enable in app future updates to enable to open more than one doors by your device?

Should I plan to buy another device to pair with the missing door?

Or is there a way to enable Ring Intercom to open more than one doors connected to home intercom system.

Please help.


Hi @user47465. Thanks for reaching out to us. We’d be happy to take a look at this with you. Please provide us with some additional information.

  • Which brand and model of Intercom are you using?
  • Does the handset unlock the door without a call to the handset?
  • Does your building have two lobby panels that both grant access to the building?
  • Does the handset have more than one unlock button?

We look forward to hearing back from you.

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Hello Ring team,

I have the same issue above. Ring intercom connected to Hikvision intercom that comtrols two doors with single unlock button that automatically unlock ringed door which pushed.

I have the option to upgrad two two seperate unlock buttons if required. But need detailed answer first for:

How to enable ring intercom to control two doors simultaneously?

If not, are you planning an update for this?

Hi @DrAbdullah, thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, the Ring Intercom works only with devices that open one door, the option to control two different doors simultaneously is currently not available but we’re eager to introduce it, and will share information on timing as soon as we have it.

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I have the same problem :frowning:

This topic is also utterly important to me. I need to be able to open both doors (with the option to choose which one to open).

If this does not work the ring intercom device is completely useless to me. If there’s no solution I will have to send it back. (Bticino, 344704)

Hi team,

I am also interested in this feature, I hope you implement it soon


Hello! I’m experiencing a similar issue. Suppose I buy two Ring intercom devices. If I connect the first device to open the first door and then connect the second device to open the second door using the same headset, will it work?

I have a Bticino 344242 which has one unlock button.

Both the front and back door of my building can be opened by pressing the unlock. Also the system on both doors can call to my handset.

Without the ability to open and speak to both doors the Ring Intercom isn’t very useable. I can’t enable the Amazon auto verify feature either as they will stand at my front door and it will be unlocking the back door as it only opens one.

This functionality would be great to get supported and I feel is needed as every block of flats on my estate is setup the same way. That’s a few hundreds homes on my estate alone that couldn’t use the Ring Intercom

I have a Bticino 344242 which unlocks 2 different doors depending on which one the visitor calls. It seems that in the installation phase where the test happens, the Intercom is only registering one door.
This makes it unusable for me right now.
Also, the automatic opening for Amazon deliveries is not useful which this limitation.

Had a call with the Ring Support Team, and according to the support, they are currently working on a solution. I am not sure if this is just an answer to calm the clients, or it is actually true.

But in any case, this feature needs to be enabled ASAP for the Ring Intercom!

Same problem here.
System: TCS isw5010-0145
I have one door on streetside and one door for the house. Currently I can call and open on streetside but on the house door side I can not conduct a call, but opening the door relais works on both sides with the app.
Please keep us up to date on this essential feature.

For my issue at least: 5-wire Fermax intercom with single button to open 2 doors, Ring sent a team from Germany to Spain where I live to diagnose the problem. They made the necessary hardware change, and I received a new unit about a month later. All functionality now works well with both doors.
My original problem: all functionality worked well with 1 of the 2 doors but not the other. Problem with the other door was that the app didn’t provide the audio from the intercom panel. Unlock feature worked fine with both doors. Audio to the intercom panel worked fine.

Thank you for this information @user72112

For my issue at least: 5-wire Fermax intercom with single button to open 2 doors, Ring sent a team from Germany to Spain where I live to diagnose the problem. They made the necessary hardware change, and I received a new unit about a month later. All functionality now works well with both doors.

Question is now: Is really a change of hardware necessary or will be a firmware update sufficent.
Can @Magnus_Ring claryfy if we will get a new firmware to enable this feature? I am asking because this is exactly my problem and it would be a pitty if purchase of new hardware would be required.

I asked whether it could be updated by firmware and was told that it needed to be changed in hardware. The technician who came out and diagnosed the problem summarized the change that he thought was needed. I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember thinking that it sounded like a hardware-only fix (I’m an electrical engineer). When they sent the new unit, they informed me ahead of time that the seal on the packaging would be broken, and that they had modified it.

I have to emphasize that the Team that I interfaced with in Support, those that came out, and those that fixed it were excellent–engaging, prompt, and professional. Early on I thought the issue might be with the audio gain on the speaker which I had adjusted to the maximum. They did send a firmware update to my unit that further increased the gain level to test my theory. It didn’t work, but they stayed with it. I was very happy with the level of engagement. They followed up to make sure that every issue I had, even a small one later was fixed.

I am having the same issue. I have to confirm with Ring if this is something that is fixed and that’s why I had to do the connectivity test twice. But there are not many options available to configure so maybe I have to reinstall the device. Trying to get support.

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